Case Study: the Evolution of an Article

As you read the first draft of this student’s article, think about the SciJourn standards. What did this student do well? What would you say to this student to help him improve? Look at the SAFI—does it help you respond to this student’s writing?

Now, open the professional editor’s edit of this student’s draft. How do the professional editor’s comments compare to what you might have said? What issues seem to concern the professional editor the most?

The student revised the article based on the editor’s edits. As you read through the student’s second draft, notice what he changed and what he did not. Did he address the editor’s concerns? Do you think this draft is better than the first draft? What would you suggest he do next?

Next look at the editor’s second edit of this student’s article. How would you compare the editor’s style on the second draft versus his style editing the first draft? Does the editor have the same concerns this time?

After editing this article a second time, the editor visited this student’s class and had an individual writing conference with him. Listen to the audio clip of this conference. Notice the editor’s concerns about the student’s use of a press release as the main source for the article. The editor also offers advice about finding people to interview and how to conduct an interview.

1. Student 1st draft green cars

2. Professional edit of student 1st draft green cars

3. Student 2nd draft green cars

4. Professional edit of student 2nd draft green cars

5. Student editor conference green cars

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